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A beginning has to start somewhere so, here's mine; I've always liked writing. There are a number of threads to my enthusiasm for writing: I enjoy the doing of it; trying to make it readable and useful or useful and entertaining. I enjoy sharing what I've had to root-around to find, and often have realised the need to have the information that I've needed to discover and found helpful, presented in a form that is more accessible. My small, one page guides are a distillation down to essential, need-to-know, key facts.

My other books, either guides, stories or compilations go further.

When I was a junior school pupil I enthusiastically wrote a story called The Gun Runners and Mr X. The action was mainly visits to warehouses and car chases with gunfire. Bare in mind that I was 10 years old when writing the story and commercial television had just started-up then. I'm impressed with my young self when I remember having described the cast of characters and the details of the environment for each scene.

My class teacher, Mister Rogerson, gave me an orange exercise-book to write my story into. I remember, fondly, a particular English lesson with him that involved us, as small groups, in constructing our group's newspaper on sheets of B2 paper. We were allowed to use information from current newspapers or to invent the stories and illustrate them with our drawings. The planning amongst our groups felt exciting at the time as it gave us the sense of being in charge of our own project; were being trusted to, and expected to, work out any compromises together to achieve the task. In effect we were treated as adults which impressed us.

I started writing plays too, when I was still at junior school. I wrote them on small squares of paper that my mother used to bring home from the offices where she cleaned. The one I remember was about a plane high-jacking; the siege of the captain's cabin etc.

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